So many tasty things this weekend! Ciao Napoli pizza (The shrimp and pesto pizza was amazing. The only reason the pizza the next day is only “pesto” is because I picked all the shrimp off the entire pizza the night before.), Manchester style “C ale” (my brother’s new homebrew, which he claimed was a “lost” beer recipe, and no one remembers what the “C” stands for anymore), fig cookies from Marianna, swordfish steak, and barbecue lamb bao! How spoiled am I to have access to this kind of food?

I kind of butchered the lamb buns, unfortunately. They’re tasty, but ugly as sin. I have a tendency to try to overstuff them.

Also, my neighborhood is apparently just like Dune, only instead of the spice melange, it’s active dry yeast. (nerd reference! Oh self, I think you just lost half your audience for being so unspeakably nerdy.) I had to walk to four different stores before I could find any yeast, and when I finally found some it’s a huge vacuum-wrapped bag of it, more yeast than I can possibly ever use. So there might be some baking in Sauceome’s near future.

Interesting note: I was sitting on the couch tonight, playing video games, and kind of dreading scanning and uploading this, because I felt like I had eaten too much this weekend. But you know what? I’m looking at it now and it’s not that bad. I mean, it’s not the healthiest weekend ever, but it hardly merits this level of dread. I mean, the pizza was Napoli style, thin crust, light on the cheese, sparse on toppings. The swordfish steak today was huge, but it’s swordfish, high in protein and low in fat. I probably drank too much Friday, and maybe even Saturday too, but I didn’t have anything to drink tonight. Why is my base assumption always that I overdid it?