In all seriousness, if I’m off my bike for a few days my legs really do start hurting. They ache a little, and they seem angry, and I want to kick them a lot. “You have restless leg syndrome,” Niles told me once, but I absolutely refuse to have a syndrome that sounds that stupid.

Anyway, Mr. Bikey (who is a girl bike by the way, like Mr. Lady) got out of the shop yesterday afternoon, and she is sleek and fast again, like a speedy jungle cat, hugging the turns and passing the spandexed. And the weather this morning was lovely, and I got up in enough time to ride by the lake. I even got up early enough to stop at the last beach on the trail and wade around in Lake Michigan for a bit. Of course that meant I had sand in between my toes all day, but it was a nice reminder of the pleasant morning I had.

Incidentally, I don’t talk much about exercising on this blog, I think because I have always felt like I had to trick myself into it. I’m not exercising, I’m just riding my bike to work. 7.5 miles. 10 if I take the lake path. But it’s not exercise!! It’s transportation.

For how much I love and adore Mr. Bikey, I am pretty horrible at drawing her.

(bonus points for if you now have “It’s a Lovely Eleven Morning” stuck in your head)