I had to drop some books off at Quimby’s tonight, right around dinnertime, and Piece is one of our favorites, so it seemed like the natural choice. At first it bugged me and I didn’t want to – not because I don’t like them, their pizza is really great and their beers are even better. But because there’s no way to eat healthy at a place that has only pizza and beer. I mean, they have two or three half-assed salads on their menu, but you go there for the pizza.

I actually spent much of the evening mentally analyzing this. Do I feel guilty for eating this pizza tonight? Am I going to hate myself in the morning? It all came down to a few key points:

1) my bike ride home tonight was kind of hell. I had to stop at the bank, which takes me a few miles out of my way. So instead of my normal 7.5 mile commute it was closer to 9. I was also biking into a constant, hot, humid headwind. It worked me hard enough that I was shaking a little when I got home. So, exercise, check.

2) I had a pretty good salad for lunch. Brie, some walnuts, a poached egg, tons of mushrooms and onions on mixed greens. So decent nutrition for the rest of the day, check.

3) Even in having the pizza, I’ve made progress. Other times at Piece I have been known to eat with wild abandon, until I’m ready to burst. This time I ate three pieces, mindfully, and then realized I was full, and stopped. Progress! Check!

So, no, I guess I don’t feel guilty. The pizza was delicious, I didn’t overdo it, and I feel like I earned it. Excellent!