Another recipe for you! Niles insisted on buying this giant zucchini at the farmers market. I shuddered a little when he suggested it, because I grew up with a dad who liked to grow many things, and nothing grows better or faster or more abundantly than zucchini. All summer long, zucchini and squash casseroles, muffins, breads, cakes; my mom would give them away to neighbors and there’d still be plenty left over.

So he picks one of the largest zucchinis he can find (only $1! what a shock) and I immediately start imagining endless zucchini muffins. Actually I went into this recipe thinking I’d have to save half of it for a loaf of zucchini bread, but there was a LOT of pasta, so I ended up using the whole thing. It’s pretty good! It’d be good with chicken too, I think. So if your garden overfloweth with too many zucchinis, here’s one more way to get rid of them.