Who’s got two thumbs and ate frog legs for dinner? THIS GIRL. :)

Ok. If you don’t live in Chicago, Longman & Eagle is a gastropub in Logan Square. It’s within walking distance from my house and they have many things to teach you in the ways of awesome food and also whiskey. It’s a bit dangerous for people like me and Niles who like food and also whiskey, but it’s also pretty pricey, so we don’t get there that often. I was feeling a bit down last night, so treating ourselves to a little gastric awesomeness was in order.

And yeah, frog legs! I don’t think I had ever had them before. Not out of any grossness factor, just because the opportunity had never presented itself. They were delicious! But everything at Longman & Eagle is delicious. Fortunately for me, the portions are also pretty small.

On the way home last night, I thought to myself, that was a great dinner, but probably not the best way to slim down for your sister’s wedding. And then I thought, how cliche of you, to try to lose weight before a wedding. That’s so CATHY. Am I right? I mean, yes, the photos and memories of MC’s wedding will last forever, but you know what? So will the memories of those frog legs, and the lobster potato salad.