I really don’t know how we fit all of this into our bags, but we were just so delighted at the novelty of being able to buy things like produce and preserves and NOT having to get them through airport security. Hooray Megabus!

Confidentially*, I love watching my boyfriend at a farmer’s market. I imagine it’s like watching me at a comic book store. Or an art supply store.

Anyway, the “Minnesota Wilderness Brats” are (well, “were”; I just ate the last of them) chicken sausages, with ginger, blueberries, and wild rice. They were delicious! There were lots of sausages, actually. A lot of handmade goods, dresses, jewelry and things, and just tons and tons of gorgeous produce. One of the interesting things our hostess Michele pointed out is that Minnesota’s large Hmong population does a lot of farming, and they farm a lot of the things they farmed in southeast Asia – so at the market you can get all manner of Japanese and Thai eggplants, bitter melons, strange gourds and cucumbers, lemongrass, persimmons, bitter balls, all sorts of things. I would have gone crazy buying them if I had ANY IDEA what to do with them.

I am curious to see what Niles ends up doing with the Napa cabbage. We actually hunted until we could find one that wasn’t that big, but it’s still enormous. I just hope it doesn’t turn into a giant vat of kim chee.

*Yes, I acknowledge the irony of using the word “confidentially” in a public blog.