Ok, we are back from Minneapolis. Have you guys been to Minneapolis? First off the Indie Xpo was fantastic fun, especially for a first time convention! Anyway, this morning, in the few hours we had before our Megabus left, Michele took us to the farmers’ market. It was amazing! So much amazing produce and handmade goods. Since we were taking the bus and not having to go through airport security hell, we loaded up. Handmade ravioli, artisanal sausages, napa cabbage, green tomato preserves… we just had the ravioli and some of the sausages for dinner. Excellent! We would have bought more if we had more room in the suitcases. Or, you know, a cooler. And some ice.

Anyway. Lots of good food and beers in Minneapolis. :D We had a great time! And I am now exhausted, because an 8 hour bus ride hurts your butt.