ALMOST, I said I ALMOST don’t care about losing weight anymore. If I’m being honest, I still care a little. I’m still weighing myself regularly. At any rate, I’m certainly not as singlemindedly desperate for weight loss as I was when I started this project.

Also – again, in the interests of full disclosure – I had another beer and a half after I inked this, because SOME CLASSY LADIES twisted my arm, and then also ordered for me when I was in the bathroom. Ladies! You know how they are.

One of those classy ladies ordered my beloved taco salad for dinner. I had eaten a salad for lunch that day, and for lunch AND dinner the day before, and it was $1 miniburger night, so I opted for the miniburgers. And they were tasty, sure, but I will not deny staring jealously at the taco salad. How did I get here? How did I end up at a place where a salad looks better to me than burgers?