I was so addled by the time I finally left work today that I left my sketchbook on my desk. Boooo. :( So I had to redraw the weekend’s comic and most of today’s all over again. Ah well.

The project from hell is nearly over. Today it gave me a pretty incredible migraine. So there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, only it hurts my eyes right now. Anyway, Niles knows how stressed I am and bought a giant bag of shrimp at Joong Boo for me, which is why I’ve eaten the little sea bugs almost every day (sometimes multiple times!) for the last several days.

I held out for a long while there, managing to eat pretty sensibly considering the stress I’ve been under. I’ve been buckling a little lately, though, and seeking solace in carbs and sugar. The other night I caught myself thinking, hey it’s ok, don’t get all bothered over this, you’re under a lot of stress, just get through this project and THEN we’ll get back on track. Which, okay, that’s a mostly sensible (if familiar) thought pattern. But haven’t I thought that a little too often? It doesn’t count because it’s the holidays, or because I’m depressed right now, or because I’m traveling. I’ve made a lot of excuses for not taking very good care of myself. Taking care of myself shouldn’t be a part-time job.