That green sweater in the first panel? I wore it every day I could get away with it in high school. I think eventually my mom “lost” it in the wash. There was something crazy comfortable about that sweater, it was huge like a tent, like I could get lost in it, like I was wrapped in a cozy warm blanket. The blue hoodie in the second panel? I wore it until it fell apart at the seams.

I have been thinking about those outfits lately, the ones that I wore all the time, sometimes two days in a row, at least if I wasn’t going to be seeing the same people on both days. At the time they felt comforting, protective, even. I thought they made me happy. I also thought I needed them. At many different sizes, even when I was a size 7 in high school, I thought I needed to hide my body in a tent. Sigh. I’m trying not to mourn for the lost time these days.

I still wear that shift dress sometimes, though. It’s not really THAT shapeless, is it? Or can you not tell from a clumsy pen drawing? :)