So that was some storm this weekend. We lost power for a few hours, but that’s the worst we had to deal with. Certainly nothing compared to six inches of standing water on all of your stuff. They’re finally getting some guys to clean the place out tomorrow, but so much stuff ruined… So I don’t mean to sound jubilant that they’ve been cooking (and cleaning) while hanging out at our place. :D But Dave makes a mean chowder, and Marianna’s bread is to die for, and it’s nice to have copious amounts of well-crafted homebrewed beer in the kitchen. Fingers crossed they get everything sorted as soon as possible, of course.

In the meantime I have been thinking a lot about how they live, though. They cook a lot more than I do, and they cook well. Dave makes all his own beer, and Marianna’s even started making her own cheese. I argue that I have less free time than they do, but the fact is there’s a lot more time than I usually admit. I could cook more often than I do. I should cook more often than I do.

I doubt I really have time to make my own beer and cheese though. Fortunately they don’t live very far. :)