So, the thing is, it doesn’t really take all THAT much energy to make dinner, no matter how exhausted you are. Of course it helps immensely if you have something you’re excited about making, and little sea bugs make me pretty happy. I came close to making the whole bag and just eating a bowl of shrimp for dinner, but we have a bag of farmers market lettuce too, and it’s only going to last so long.

I am a little pleasantly surprised at the choices I’ve been making lately. Niles is closing tonight, and to be quite honest with you, usually when I’m left alone I make very poor decisions about food. Or maybe that’s an “I used to” thing. It still feels a little early to tell if this transition is something that’s going to stick around or if it will pass… but I’m not going to hyperanalyze it now.

Anyway. I’m also pleasantly surprised that I haven’t just thrown in the towel on these comics this week. Work is pummeling me, for real. This workload won’t last forever, so at least there’s that, but in the meantime I really am short on energy. Just a heads up, in case tomorrow’s comic is stick figures drawn in crayon.