So! A happy transition. I will confess to you guys that at the beginning of this thing, I might have SAID that I was just as interested in loving my body as I was in losing weight, maybe even more so. That was a lie. You guys probably knew that. At the beginning, my highest priority was always losing the weight. I figured the liking myself more part would come AFTER the weight loss, right?

Only, I’ve been spending so much time examining my own self-perception issues and realizing what utter bullshit they have been, and now OOPS, I like myself more. The crazy thing is, you will laugh so hard at this, is that when you like yourself more, you’re more instinctively inclined to treat yourself better. And that means I have no desire to polish off an entire Rolf’s cream pie (that thing is still in our fridge. It would never have lasted this long four months ago). It means that I want to treat myself better, so I eat better. Only, this way, it takes less effort.

Hey, did I ever tell you guys I used to smoke? For, like, ten years even. One day, suddenly, I didn’t need them anymore. I didn’t even WANT them anymore. It was like a switch went off in my brain, okay, click, we’re done with that.

(Yes I know how impossibly lucky I was for that to happen. I have absolutely no advice to people who want to quit smoking. “How’d you do it, Sarah?” they ask. “Oh, you know; magic,” I say.)

The point of that rambling, unnecessarily long story being that I think a switch is going off in my brain again. There’s been a significant shift in how I see these things lately. And maybe it’s temporary, and maybe smokey head monster will return with a vengeance, but for right now I’m just enjoying his absence.

In celebration, I ate a clementine at breakfast today, so that your breakfast-smileyface has a nose.

Also, I managed to put Persona 3 PSP down long enough this weekend to draw a picture of Persona 3 PSP, and now it is the banner on the lovely and insightful Leigh Alexander’s site. Do you like video games as much as I do? Even if you just said “no,” you should check her out.