Sorry for the delay in uploading this, our internet was down last night.

So, yeah! Figure modeling. I actually did really enjoy the experience. It was, after all, liberating. It was harder than i thought, too. It’s not easy to stand still for the really long ones, especially when you get a cramp or something falls asleep.

I should never have looked at the drawings. I’ve since been told by other (skinnier) figure models that it’s a mistake to ever look at the drawings. Just like with photos, all I saw was the flaws, the fat rolls, the flabby, the things that made me inadequate or unattractive.

I look back now and I think, what an idiot I was, I would kill to be a size seven again. But you know what, I bet in ten years I’ll look back at me now and think, what an idiot I was, I would kill to not have crow’s feet or saggy butt cheeks or whatever else is going to happen with the inevitable aging and decay of this organ sack.

Gotta find a way to enjoy what’s here now, right?

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There’s nothing Sauceome related there now though. Would you guys like to see something Sauceome related? Let me know in the comments! :)