Oh man is there an unsexier pose to draw than Bakasana? Probably not. Drawing yoga poses is hard! That is your wisdom for tonight.

No wait, your wisdom is actually far more interesting. Here’s the thing, I did think this every time I tried this pose, that I could manage it if I just weren’t overweight, that something about my girth or the distribution of weight over my wrists or something, was keeping me from being able to do this pose.

And it wasn’t. A bunch of things were keeping me out of this pose, among them arm strength (which I’m building over time) and confidence (also building over time). But my weight had very little, and maybe nothing, to do with it, and I am left thinking, what other things in my life have I figured are impossible because I think I’m too fat for it? What else am I unfairly blaming on my weight?

And, okay, it’s not like I’ve mastered the pose or anything. But I can get into it without blocks, and I can hold it for a few breaths, and it gets easier every time, because each time I get a little stronger and a little less afraid.