Mmmmmmm I love me a dark sweet chocolately beer. Sorry for the light content today, it’s a holiday weekend and all. Video games take precedence. :)

Hey, so I’ve been trying to look up this folk tale I heard one time, about a family – maybe about three sisters? Who lived outside of a town, simply and happily and contentedly, and believing they were beautiful, until one day a peddler sells them a mirror. I’ve done all the googling I can think of but I can’t dig it up. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

Also! also, I really can’t say I’m a fan of what happened to Jezebel over the holiday, but I did very much enjoy this article right here.

And with that, I’m gonna go play some video games. I leave you with a promise that some things have been weighing heavily on my mind lately, and you will have some meaty little Sauceomes coming up this week.