I’m almost caught up! :)

So maybe it was a bad sign that we were in a bar called the “Rueb-N-Stein” [sic] and that they had multiple “Ruebens” [sic] on the menu and even a “Rueben Burger” [SIC SIC SIC] and I know that I am being a little bit of an asshole here, but I just figure if that’s your theme, and even your business’s NAME, you should know how to spell it. End rant.

Anyway, I probably sounded like a horrible snobby big city chick, but I really am spoiled by all the wonderful food we have around us here. Even our little hole in the wall neighborhood bar has some of the best pulled pork. Except for a tasty gyro pizza (which I had when I was completely trashed, so I can’t really trust my judgment on that one) we didn’t really have much food worth writing home about.

Sorry for the suck on this comic, it was hard to get excited about drawing it. That’s why everything is varying shades of grey and beige. :)