It is a wonderful and dangerous thing to be a regular at a bar. :) To be fair, I was friends with the bartender in question before I became a regular at that bar.

And a girl can take a break every now and again, right? I’m trying to keep from saying that I “should” have had the salad or I “shouldn’t” have eaten the sweet potato fries, but the truth is I was very much in the mood for them and they were very good, and I don’t think I actually regret them. Which is kind of a huge step forward. :)

Also, last night Niles gave me carte blanche to completely humiliate him in any of my comics, as long as it was funny. He hasn’t done anything worth making fun of though, he’s just been awesome and fun and supportive and great. He did threaten to write a book last night, a sequel to the “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” thing called “The Super Mario Brothers Karamazov.”

In other news, we’re going to a thing this weekend, so this might be your last update for a few days. I promise to have everything caught up by… Monday night, Tuesday at the latest. :)