Someone needs to keep the Pirate’s Booty away from me. “Oh I wouldn’t feel bad about eating a whole bag,” Niles said, “they’re mostly air.” Which, you know, that’s true. But a bag is 4 servings and I apparently had 5 servings that day, and I ate them without even thinking, like I was sleepwalking. That’s a habit I’d like to stop.

I threw together one hell of a tasty pizza last night, though. Thinly sliced lamb, marinated in garlic, roasted garlic cloves, spinach, goat cheese and mozzarella on a pizza. So tasty!! I wish I had had some red onions on hand to complete the gyro-ness of it all. But then I would have been tempted to replace the tomato sauce with tzaziki and that is probably going a bit far.