So, okay, I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I never used to “get” salads, that I’d look at women ordering them in restaurants and think, you’re paying $12 for a plate of LEAVES.

Which is true, but it’s also not the whole story, and I still feel bad talking about this… but I’d actually look at women ordering salads in restaurants and think things more like, “what the hell are you trying to prove?” As if someone ordering a salad was somehow an implicit criticism of the fact that I had ordered a hamburger. Like they were acting superior, or like it was an insult specifically directed at me.

Which of course it never was. No one orders a salad just to insult someone. Isn’t that crazy? Like, really loopy crazy? Clearly I have some issues to work through here. :) I think I must have been on the receiving end of a few too many nasty and snide comments about my food choices when I was younger. I’m a little surprised at myself that I ever thought these things about people, just because of a salad. But at least now I realize it, right?

At any rate, I get it now. I get salads. I made a pretty great one for dinner tonight. There was defrosted lamb kielbasa in the fridge from our CSA, so I cut up and cooked a small piece of it, and put it on top of my greens with goat cheese, red onion, and tomato. It was quick and spicy and tasty and I was halfway through it before I realized I hadn’t even used any salad dressing.