Hey everyone! It’s been a long while, huh? Lots has happened – I cut off like a foot of hair, for one. I haven’t had short hair in years, and it feels great!

I also spent most of the winter illustrating two different books, both of which should be out later this year, so that’s fun! But I’m dialing back my illustration projects, and hoping to get back into making more comics again. I have at least a handful of new Sauceome comics planned, so watch this space… I’m also working on finishing up a new minicomic in time for CAKE, and I’ll put it up in the shop for anyone who can’t make it to the show.

Speaking of shops! I have a brand new Threadless Artists Shop! It’s insanely easy for me to get new designs up there, so if you have any requests for shirts, just let me know! In the meantime, here is one of the shirts you can order, in case you feel like telling the world how much you love banh mi sandwiches in an election year:

What else? Oh, I guess I could talk about this comic. :) I’ve been working through a lot of very intense feelings lately, and trying to unpack them and figure out where they come from. For instance, I know it’s a lie when the smokey head monster tries to tell me I’m not pretty, but why do I feel like I have to be pretty anyway? And why do I feel like I’m failing somehow if I’m not? Why is it even relevant? I don’t have a job that requires being pretty. My looks aren’t the most important thing to anyone in my life, anyone who’s important to me, even anyone I work with. I don’t owe the world prettiness or sexiness or compliance just because I was born with two XX chromosomes, guys.

I figure I owe it to the world to shower and be courteous and that’s about it.