Hey everyone! So I recently got back from an amazing creative residency at Bryn Mawr college, where I gave a talk about food and art and comics and, essentially, the stories that we tell when we talk about food. I got to interact with a class full of ridiculously clever and thoughtful and engaged students, and eat probably the best dim sum I’ve ever had. It was phenomenal, and inspiring, and I had the best possible time.

There was one weird moment, though, when I ventured out into town to find a Starbucks. What started out as a pleasant enough conversation with a fellow caffeine-seeker turned a bit… weird. I mean, there’s going to be at least a second part to this comic. I’m reasonably sure this guy didn’t really mean anything critical or condescending by his comments, so nothing against him. But the whole conversation definitely shook something loose in my brain and left me pondering a lot of stuff, which I’ll get to in my next comic.

In the meantime, what’s going on? How are you? I’ve got a lot going on, but I’m working on a new mini (among other things) and I hope to have a confirmed convention schedule ready to post soon. Also, it’s spring, I got some ramps today (YAY!) and I’ve started getting my container garden ready. The neighborhood squirrel has already started tearing up my hanging boxes, though. Anyone have any ideas how to distract squirrels from delicious basil plants?