Whenever people start arguing about the superiority of regional pizza styles, Niles likes to say “all pizzas are God’s children”. I feel the same way about ramen, and there’s so much incredible ramen popping up all over Chicago these days! Niles was a sweetheart and for Christmas last year he donated to the Furious Spoon kickstarter campaign in my name, and got us into a pre-opening ramen tasting! The tasting was the other night, and it was a ton of fun and a ton of deliciousness. I highly recommend the furious ramen – especially if you like a little spice. They’ll be open February 18, and they’re giving free ramen to the first 100 customers!

In other news, Hourly Comics Day was the other day! You can read mine here. You can also find a link there to an article where a USA Today reporter asks me about the snowstorm. TL:DR version: a lot of snow happened in Chicago and I didn’t care because there was free pinball at the arcade.