Happy Cinco de Mayo! I finally, finally got my butt down to Antique Taco in Wicker Park. On Saturday Niles and I walked all over creation (my Moves app on my phone logged over 20,000 steps!) and one of our stops was delicious tacos at Antique Taco. It’s incredibly charming, and the food is delicious. The empanada was good, the fried fish tacos were better, but honestly, the horchata milkshake is what I’ll be dreaming about later. It was smooth and creamy and just the right balance of horchata and vanilla and cinnamon, and perfect for a warm sunny spring day.

NEWS: Luna de Cuernos shows are starting! You can get tickets to the Constellation show on the 18th by clicking on the link here. I go to my first rehearsal of the show today, and I’m terrified and excited. Niles calls it “incrediscared”, and I think it’s how I feel about everything, 9 hours out of 10.