It’s ramps season!!

I mean, I think it’s ramps season. Our farmer’s market is on the break between winter and summer markets, and they’re not at Whole Foods yet. But I wasn’t kidding about Chef Stephanie Izard getting some ramps, and now I’m extremely jealous. I need some ramps! Who has ramps for me?

If you haven’t had them, they’re a bright spring allium plant that tastes like garlic on steroids. They’re intense, and not for the faint of heart, but if your taste buds can handle them, they’re really amazing. Last year we made ramps pesto, and the year before I made a ramps butter. I don’t even have any real plans for them yet, but I know that I need my ramps fix!

Sorry I skipped a few Sauceomes, you guys! I was finishing up my project with 5th House Ensemble. If you’re in the Chicagoland area, you should come check out a show! It’s gonna be a lot of fun, it’s great music, and a good story that involves an adorable cat, a loyal dog, and a mysterious, demonic, goat-type… thing.

I’m also going to have a table at CAKE and also at Printers Row Lit Fest this year! You should definitely come out and get some comics, prints, and shirts! I’m also going to try to have a new Sauceome-themed minicomic ready for both shows.