Sorry, sorry, sorry for the lack of updates. Everything will be updated tonight, I promise. I just had an extremely serious and busy weekend, filled with drinks with friends, many hours of video gamin’, playing music with people, all culminating in a huge tacostravaganza at my place last night. It was going to be a barbecue, but that got rained out, so we made a million tacos instead. Someone dubbed it the “Screw You, Joe Arpaio” Memorial Day Taco Dinner, I forget who. :)

Anyway!! so I spent the long weekend relaxing and having fun, and while I did draw some Sauceomes I just didn’t feel like scanning and uploading them. Back to normal tonight!

Here are some things you should know in the meantime:

1) I weighed myself Friday morning and I lost another pound! Hooray! I’m down to 199, so I’m out of the terrible twos. We’ll see how much of that I undid this weekend.

2) the goat tacos were the biggest hit at the tacostravaganza! I now know what I’m doing with every piece of goat meat we get from our CSA. If I make them again I will post the recipe, coz GODDAMN.

3) I made it to the 6th set of doors in the “Answer” chapter of Persona 3. If you don’t know what that means, count yourself lucky, you are a free person, unlike myself. Trust me though, it’s an achievement, these battles are hard, and Mitsuru keeps casting status effects instead of attacking the enemies like she’s supposed to. Idiot!

Updates coming tonight!