Hi everyone! So, I’m rerunning a very old comic from 2010, partially because I’m still swamped and very busy, and partially because I spent a few days in Texas last week, for my Grandma Jane’s funeral. She was 93, she led a long, full life, and she left behind 9 grandkids and several great-grandkids. The trip was somewhat sad, but mostly kind of joyful. She was loved.

My mom had a bunch more photos of Grandma Jane than I’d seen in a while, and I thought I’d share a few of them. Here’s her graduation pic:

Apparently she had to fight like crazy to get to go to college. Her father didn’t think it was necessary, and only let her go if her degree would serve her in her duties as a mother.

Here’s a pic from her wedding. She looks ecstatic. My grandfather was pretty cool, as you can see.

This whole week, I’ve been thinking about a specific memory I have about Grandma Jane. My first apartment after college, I lived in the Central West End in St. Louis, a lovely urban neighborhood. I had a tiny 4th floor loft apartment that I loved, with a postage stamp of a balcony that looked out on the street and the dome of the basilica cathedral. My whole family came to see it at one point, and Grandma Jane sat there on the balcony for what seemed like an hour, watching the people go by. She told me that she had wanted nothing more than to move to New York when she was my age, but her father forebade it. She said she was jealous; that she had always dreamed of having a little apartment in the city with a balcony. I forget sometimes how far we’ve come in just a generation or two, at least in terms of a woman’s freedom to determine her own future.

Anyway, here’s my grandma and me and all of my siblings, from a handful of years ago.

I’m surprised – I actually kind of love this photo of me (I’m on the far left), although I hated it at the time. I’m pretty sure my grandma spent most of her life thinking she was ugly. And I’m kind of sick that I’ve spend so much of my life feeling the same way; it seems like such a waste of time and energy.