So, this comic makes Niles look a little more manic than he really is, but every single one of these mac & cheese recipes was something he actually dreamed up. I’m pretty sure the Reverse Mac & Cheese would end up being just awful to eat, but it’s still an exciting idea. I’m also pretty sure he got the idea from some dishes we ate at iNG when I did a live drawing night there a few weeks ago. The dessert had a silky sweet sauce made from brioche, and it was amazing.

(PS: at those live drawing nights at iNG, I made little paintings of ladies with food fascinators on their heads, and I’ve put some of the leftover ones for sale here!)

The Poutine mac sounds a little obscene, but I’d love that Buffalo on Steroids one, or the Basque one. The mac that Niles ended up making wasn’t any one of these, but it was amazingly delicious. Tune in next Monday for the recipe!