I found this story while looking up directions on how to make a proper Old-Fashioned cocktail at home. The best and most comprehensive guide I found was this page, which mentions this story in a footnote.

It comes to us from noted writer and gourmand Lucius Beebe, whose life and work was pretty interesting and cool, and he wrote it in the foreword to Crosby Gaige’s 1941 Cocktail Guide and Ladies’ Companion, which might make a super nice Christmas gift for someone, just saying.

The first Old Fashioned I ever had, and the one against which all Old Fashioneds will be ever measured, was at Longman & Eagle. Billy Sunday makes a delicious one, and by coincidence I just had a really amazing one at The Whistler last night. So the few times I’ve ended up ordering one at a less cocktail-focused bar, and had it come out watered down and stuffed with fruit (once I got one that had pineapple in it. Pineapple!), it’s been incredibly disappointing.

So this is my plea to the world: STOP PUTTING FRUIT IN OLD FASHIONEDSES. Don’t anger the Nestor of the Decanters, or he will haunt all of your drinks!

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