Guys!! I am so sorry. I never meant to stay away from this for this long. I think I must have burned myself out a little on Sauceome, but I’m recharged now. In the meantime, I’ve been really busy the past few months!

– I’ve been doing regular watercolor paintings for Yusho’s newsletter, and there’s a whole gallery of them here,

– I’ve been making comics with my sister Beckie for Tales of Cartozia, which is currently running a Kickstarter to fund the next ten issues,

– I’ve killed Shortpants Press, and moved all my store things here, and added a few more prints to the shop,

– I’ve been making fun posters for Chicago restaurant Fat Rice,

– I drew a bunch of candy and a whole MontrĂ©al travelogue for Saveur,

and of course, I’ve been working on my new graphic novel, which I am calling “the tornado book” until I can think of a clever title. So, phew! lots is going on. I’m still working my full time job, too, of course, and we’ve recently launched a few sites that I’m maybe inordinately proud of.

But through all of this, every now and then little Sauceome-ish ideas would pop into my head and I’d promise myself that I’d draw them when I get around to it, and it kept falling by the wayside. Like this one! I’ve actually had a little bit of a hard time of things lately in this department, and I’ve been battling a lot of the same old dumb ideas echoing in my brain, things I thought I was done with. I guess that’s wishful thinking – stuff like this is more of an ongoing battle than a tidy little conclusion. Anyway, I was feeling particularly down about it recently, and thinking some particularly awful things about myself, when I realized, what am I really upset about? I actually have things pretty good. Look at all the things I like about my life – it’s pretty much all of the important ones. How on earth did I let myself get talked into the idea that I wasn’t happy?

Well, partly because that message is absolutely everywhere, on every bus shelter I pass, on every billboard, on every TV show and movie and on every magazine in every supermarket checkout lane. It’s inescapable. But once you realize it, that businesses can sell you so many more things if they can convince you you’re not happy as you are, and it is in their best interest for you to be unhappy, the smiles on the models in magazines and ads seem more than a little hollow. It’s like finding the magic sunglasses from John Carpenter’s They Live. Ha. Is that a random enough reference for you?

Anyway! I won’t be posting new comics here as often as I was before, but I will probably be posting at least once every week or two. And I’m hoping to get a few Sauceome minicomics printed soon, so I’ll keep you guys up to date on that too!