Ah, the return of miniburger Tuesdays at the Small Bar. Well, OUR return TO miniburger Tuesdays, now that Lost is over. I missed you, miniburger Tuesdays.

That said, I only had one tiny miniburger tonight, because I am learning to like salads more and more. I think I used to sort of scoff at people who ordered salads in restaurants. I’d think, why would you spend $12 on that? It’s just a bunch of LEAVES. And then Randi introduced me to the Small Bar’s taco salad, which is not SUPER healthy, but it’s still mostly lettuce, and it’s more healthy than a lot of taco salads I’ve seen. I still have yet to order one and eat every bite, it’s just so much food.

Anyway. This is what I want out of Sauceome – not a diet, not a temporary thing, but a lasting shift in how I see food and in how I see myself. I have become, in the past three months, a person who likes salads. A person who chose a salad tonight over a plate of $1 miniburgers. And not because I was trying to be “good” and denying myself, but because I really love the taste of the taco salad.