The only gym within walking distance of me is awful, and makes me feel awful when I’m in there. I’m much, much happier running and biking outside, and up until this month it’s been a pretty good winter for that – it’s been cold, but not too snowy, so the streets have been pretty clear. Now, we’re dealing with two storms worth of snow on the ground; some of it’s shoveled and salted and some isn’t. It was a nice (if brisk) morning the other day, and I thought I’d risk it, but I ended up having to stop every other block to gingerly transport myself over some snow and ice for at least a few feet, and sometimes more. Occupational hazard of living in the northern midwest, I guess, and it was still better than nothing.

And – maybe this is counterintuitive – but it’s still much better than going to a gym that’s just going to make me feel terrible about myself.

(Also PS yes I know it’s actually March now that this is posting, but I *drew* it in February. :D )