Three words for you: Treat. Yo. Self.

Guys it was my birthday on Wednesday! I had to work, so I had to fit in little ways to treat myself throughout the day, until I could get to my fabulous dinner and cocktails at Yusho. It was a great day! I had a steamed bun from Chiu Quon bakery, I wore my favorite scrunchy winter socks and a pretty newish dress, I made myself a fantastic bowl of butternut squash soup with mushrooms, onions, goat cheese and a drizzle of sriracha for lunch.

And then we had ourselves an amazing, amazing dinner at Yusho, complete with a little birthday candle in our fantastic dessert, and when we got to the end and I asked for a check, they handed me a note that said: “Happy birthday Sarah! Your meal is on us. Love, Mom and Dad.” My mom is SNEAKY you guys. I had IM’d with her in the morning that we had plans to eat at Yusho that night, and she sneakily called Yusho and told them to charge our dinner to her! It took me completely by surprise. She totally got me! I was overwhelmed. What a day!

It’s not easy having a February birthday in the northern midwest, but this was a great birthday, possibly the best birthday in a long while.