I stopped at Amy’s Candy Bar on my way home to get some fancy licorice for Niles for Valentine’s day. He loves licorice! I am… less enthusiastic about it. He’s brought home some interesting licorices before, that I ended up enjoying, but for the most part, licorice, it’s not for me. I found him some Dutch sea salt licorice, some British allsorts, some Australian licorice twists and some licorice mint caramels. It should be exciting! For him, anyway. Amy’s actually had another dozen or so licorice varieties, which led me to look up some facts on licorice tonight. Did you know that the plant licorice comes from isn’t even related to anise? and that the Netherlands seem to like licorice especially well, especially the salted variety? I learned some interesting things, which might have to end up in the next comic!

Hope everyone had a nice Valentine’s! Oh! And a few announcements. 1) There’s a fun behind-the-scenes article about the paintings I’ve been doing for Yusho on Saveur.com, with a gallery of some of the paintings. and 2) I don’t often talk about my day job here, but I just finished designing a new website for Nori Chicago, and I’m especially proud of how it turned out, and there are all sorts of little doodles by me all over the site. Are you in Chicago? Do you like tasty sushi, reasonably priced? You should check them out!