Okay, so Pączki are kind of like jelly donuts. But they’re so much more! Chicago’s got a large enough Polish population that not only can you find these delicious puffs of joy at most bakeries, but you can even find them at large chain grocery stores. I was in the little grocer by my office (buying sushi for lunch) today, and I even saw them there – but I didn’t even register that I’d seen them until my friend Denise wished me a happy Pączki day. I haven’t had time to get any of my own, but I might run out this weekend and see what I can find – if you walk north/west on Milwaukee Avenue from Logan Square, you eventually get to a whole slew of wonderful Polish groceries and bakeries, and I’m sure there’ll be Pączki-a-plenty!

(Apologies, I feel like this one’s a little bit sloppy, but it’s been a crazy busy week of nonstop drawing projects, and I’m exhausted!!)