So we just got back from a trip out to Arizona to visit Niles’s family. It rained almost the whole time, and poor Niles’s mom got sick, but we still had a great time, and I can’t wait to go back.

They have orange trees, a grapefruit tree, a Meyer lemon bush, a gorgeous garden, and three chickens! Niles’s mom made us delicious lemon curd and lemon bars, I ate super-fresh eggs, we cooked fajitas, we drank tasty tequila cocktails made with fresh grapefruit juice. Plus, his dad’s family gets together every year for a giant kielbasa-making party. They filled our suitcases with delicious foods! I’m astonished the eggs made it back without breaking. There’s probably more oranges than we’ll ever be able to eat, and we eat a lot of oranges. So we’re set for a while!

Thank you, Mark and Eileen and Greta!! We totally owe you guys a do-over trip!