Ok, brace yourselves for a little blatant fan worship. Full disclosure, I love Yusho. Also, I do some work for them. So when we heard they were opening a sweet little cocktail bar in our neighborhood, we were really excited.

Niles and I were coincidentally having dinner at Yusho the other night when we heard that Billy Sunday was doing a quiet soft opening, so we decided to head down the street and take a peek. It’s beautiful – the decor is perfect, muted and elegant while still being cozy and warm. We only had room for a cocktail and a shared small plate, since we’d already had dinner. I had the old fashioned, which was potent and delicious; Niles had the “cocktail”, which was beautifully balanced. We split the croquettes, which were a perfect little bite of comfort food, delicately fried, served up in a small iron skillet.

Can I tell you one of my favorite things about the Chicago food scene? It’s something I don’t even realize we have in glorious abundance until we go traveling to other places. We have an incredible amount of places like Billy Sunday, places that are fastidious in their approach to making innovative food and imaginative cocktails, for fairly affordable prices, while maintaining a completely comfortable and sometimes downright casual atmosphere. Interesting, eye-opening cuisine presented in a wholly unpretentious manner, brought within reach of a much wider audience. I love it, I love it, I love it. And I’m so happy to have one more awesome place to add to the list!