When I was in college, I did a study abroad semester in Rennes, in France, where I developed a taste for crepes, galettes, and dry alcoholic cider. My host mother there taught me how to make crepes, and while I brought home a recipe book I have a tendency to improvise while I’m making them. So when my sister MC asked me to make a comic about how to make crepes, I had to go into the kitchen and make them again to make sure I had the details down. Good news: this recipe is still good! and I got to eat some crepes while I was figuring it out.

So, tricks and tips! Your first one or two will probably break when you flip them; don’t give up! (they are perfect for nibbling on while you’re making the rest of the batch.) You’ll need to experiment a little with your timing, the consistency of the batter and the heat of the pan. You’ll burn your fingertips a little, but the pain is definitely worth it. Be quick, be patient, be vigilant, and you’ll have them down in no time.

And once you get crepes under your belt, may I recommend moving on to galettes? In Brittany, they’re savory crepes made with buckwheat and salt, and usually filled with delicious things like cheese, ham, fried eggs, and chopped vegetables, and they really are amazing, especially paired with some cidre brut or a kir Breton.