Seriously, you guys. I was planning on doing this comic today, to counteract Monday’s comic. It almost didn’t happen, because of a giant horrible battle I had to fight with the gas company, which left me in tears a few times. But I was successful, we have our heat back on (it’s a long story, which might end up becoming a comic), and I’m back to happy again, at least happy enough to talk about the things that make me happy.

Vitamin D is awesome, I take it year round, but I usually double and sometimes triple my dose during the winter. The therapy lamps (I have two!) are hard sometimes to remember to use, but they are SO much more effective than you’d think. I mean, it’s just a lamp. But it works. Yoga, obviously, is awesome for everything, but it’s especially good at keeping me emotionally level, and making it easier to deal with sad or difficult things. Biking is always good, and it’s been a warm and dry winter for it so far, and my new little Snowball II still rides so beautifully. Rescue remedy – part of me thinks it’s a placebo, but it definitely works, so I don’t care if it is. And sleep, sleep is my favorite, especially this time of year, and especially when one of my cats has started slipping under the covers to snuggle with me every night.

But mostly, you guys are seriously the best. In the three years or so that I’ve been doing this comic, every time I’ve dug into the darker stuff, every time I’ve bared something sensitive or scary or sad and made myself vulnerable, you guys have been nothing but supportive and helpful and awesome. Monday’s comic was no exception; your comments here and on FB and on Twitter made me so happy. Giant hugs for everyone!! Everyone take the day off and pat yourselves on the back for being so amazingly cool!