The exciting conclusion!! Reading this recipe I was struck by how much kitchen stuff was probably just common knowledge a few decades ago. How to truss a whole bird, tie the legs, pin the wings in, things like that. These things were probably a lot more rudimentary for generations of women who spent most of their lives looking after a home. Those of us who have careers outside of the home, or whose mothers had careers outside of the home, might not have learned this stuff. We (and by we I mean me) might not even own twine to tie the drumsticks (I used a twist-tie) or a skewer to pin the wings in (I might have used a knitting needle, DO NOT TELL MY GRANDMA THIS).

Anyway. In the end, we were surprised how little meat there was on this giant, giant bird – but I’m told that’s just how it is with geese, they’re not giant meat machines like turkeys. It was a ton of work, it was incredibly delicious, it was very educational and rewarding. And I don’t think I need to make another goose for a very, very long time.