Originally this was going to be a single comic, but I filled up two entire pages with this recipe. It makes sense, since I was pretty much cooking this goose from noon until about 7:00 pm. It was an adventure, for sure! As far as whole birds go, I’ve only ever cooked a chicken before, and even that I’ve only tried once or twice. This was by far the largest and most complicated thing I’ve ever tried to make.

The hard work paid off – it was a delicious bird, for sure. Lots of fat, but this recipe actually uses three different stages of cooking to melt off as much fat as possible, so it wasn’t really bad. (And you can then reserve the goose fat, which is supposed to be phenomenal in pastries and things like that.)

Part 2 to come on Monday! If I ever try this again, I want to buy a proper roasting pan, with a proper rack, and a proper cover, and I will probably still be terribly paranoid and sit and watch it like a paranoid little hawk as it steams on the stovetop.