Oh food. I was so determined to be good today.

Well, okay, let me stop there, because I think I am kinda done with assigning values like “good” and “bad” to food, and by implication to myself, if I eat them. If you managed to parse my crappy syntax there, good job! I’m sick of it. No foods are inherently Good or Bad, they are just food. And I’m not being Bad if I eat one thing and Good if I eat another, it’s just choices. Those are the rules from here on out.

That said, I was so determined to be good today. :D Ha! Seriously though, I feel like I have been stuck on that damn plateau for so long and I could really, really use a win this week. I have all this salad mix at work, I brought in more onions and a huge orange bell pepper, I was going to make the healthiest lunch… And then the bosses said, “let’s go to the Indian buffet!”

You know what is the natural born enemy of moderation? THE BUFFET. I think I did okay though. I tried to eat slowly and pay attention to the food, to consciously eat only two pieces of naan instead of mindlessly chomping away at the entire basket. And I looooove the buffet at Sher-a-Punjab. I love punjabi kadi so much. I have no idea what it is, but it’s AWESOME.

Also, their gulab jamun are off the hook. (bonus points for identifying that reference, because I make that joke almost every time I get Indian food)

So. If you’re still with me, it’s … um… “shark week”, if you know what I mean. I always hated the sound of “aunt flo”; “shark week” is so much better. Anyway, Kristin says weigh-ins don’t count during shark week, because everything’s out of whack, but I still have my fingers crossed. Like I said, I could really, really use a win.