Ok obviously I’m not talking about eating those particular geese, because I am not a hunter and also because I don’t know that I’d trust anything taken out of the Chicago winter. But Niles said he’d never tried goose before, so we’re cooking a goose this year for Christmas! I’m nervous – I’ve only tried to roast a whole bird two or three times before, and never anything this big. I got the smallest one I could find at Whole Foods (which is still a pretty sizeable bird), and I’m using a Julia Child recipe from The Way to Cook, which is awesome, because I’ve been meaning to tackle something out of that book for a while.

Fingers crossed I don’t ruin this bird, thereby ruining Christmas itself!

My family never had any ironclad traditions for Christmas dinners, although it was usually a bird or a ham or something. Once we made pizzas! But I was just reading about the Feast of the Seven Fishes, which sounds amazingly delicious, and now I’m curious about other traditions. What are you guys eating?