Okay, I’m a little sick tonight, so I’m going to keep this short so I can go to bed early, but everyone, meet Snowball II! I got her from Boulevard Bikes. They’ve been tuning up Mr. Bikey for years, and they’re awesome, and they took a long time finding me the perfect bike and adjusting it for my size.

I loved Mr. Bikey, you guys. But I wasn’t in love with her, and I think I might be a little bit in love with Snowball II. She’s so pretty! The cream-colored frame, the matching brown handlebars and seat, the fenders… she rides beautifully. She also gets lugged up the stairs and locked inside my apartment every night, because I’m going to be paranoid about keeping her getting stolen for a little while.

ALSO: bikes are hard to draw, so this will be my last strip about bikes for a while. Phew!