Every time I do an extensively-researched comic, I am amazed at how everything is a microcosm. There’s not just coffee, there are countless of possible variations in the plant, how it’s grown, harvested, processed, roasted, ground, and of course brewed. We have a drip coffee machine at home, but we also have a moka pot and even chorreador that a friend brought me from Costa Rica. At work we use an espresso machine.

Now I wish we had a burr grinder, though.

So! This is the last of the collaborative coffee comics from JT at Feisty Goat Coffee! I had a few more coffee comics I wanted to make, though, and I haven’t decided yet if I’m putting them here on Sauceome, or if I’m just going to gather all these comics together in a little minicomic and add them there…. we’ll see.

In the meantime, a few announcements.

* I can’t believe I haven’t said this here on Sauceome!! This is how awful I am at self promotion. Have you seen Saveur’s Cookie Advent Calendar? I drew that! Go forth and gather all the cookie recipes, they all sound delicious.

* Remember how I have an online shop? There’s new prints up there now! Avocados, mushrooms, sausages, even Pok√©mon butcher charts, any of these would look really charming on your kitchen wall, you know. Or the kitchen wall of someone that you have to buy a Christmas present for! They’re even on sale!