Is there a grosser word than “mucilage”?

More coffee comics with JT from Feisty Goat Coffee!

I think I have a relatively educated palate when it comes to beer. I couldn’t tell you where the hops came from, but I can tell hoppy from malty, I know my ales from my lagers, I can taste when a stout’s been aged in whiskey barrels or wine barrels, and I can pick out floral and spice notes. Wine, much less so, but I can still recognize certain fruit and floral notes, and I can definitely taste the difference between your main varietals.

Coffee, though – considering that I drink it every single day, I’m embarrassed that I’ve never really paid much attention to tasting notes. I’ve never really been able to distinguish between high or low acidity, sweetness, fruity or floral notes… Doing these comics definitely makes me want to learn more!