Tako? Tacos!

So once again we’re staying put for the holidays, and having a little casual get-together for some other holiday orphans. We’ve got a fairly large pork roast in the freezer that I’m thinking will become a very nice pot of slow cooked tacos al pastor. I’ve never been a fan of traditional Thanksgiving food, and this is easier, so it suits me just fine. Although I actually think sensei was a bit disappointed I wasn’t doing the stereotypical American feast.

Speaking of Japanese class!! Remember the mystery soup? I got my hands on another box of it. The ingredients list reads: anise, cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin, basil and bay leaves. But I did a quick google search of the image and found a bunch of places selling it online! Still have no idea how to pronounce it, though.

Happy hunting!

OH. One more thing: I’m going to take updates down to two days a week instead of three. New comics will be Mondays and Fridays. You guys are okay with that, right? No one will think less of me?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!