So, I had no idea that easy, quick microwave mug cakes were a thing until I saw this guest post on Lucy Knisley’s tumblr, by Lani Fernance. Since then I have made at least five mug cakes, because they are SO EASY.

I haven’t tried this one yet, but it seems like it’d be just delicious. It’s also a super easy recipe to convert to paleo and vegan. I still have a cup of the acorn squash I roasted left over, and it’s highly likely it will end up becoming toasty warm mug cakes!

PS. I’m tired of pumpkin recipes. I mean, I’m not really tired of pumpkin recipes, but I’m tired of using this color scheme. I’ll do one more pumpkin recipe! I’m thinking the pumpkin shrimp curry, how does that sound? Then we can move on with our lives.