Totally made this recipe this weekend! Beckie started with this recipe for reference. I roasted a small acorn squash and got at least two cups of puree out of it – probably a little more – and I only used a cup of it for this recipe, so I’ll have to decide which of Beckie’s recipes to try for the rest of it.

Anyway, this recipe is absolutely decadent and absolutely amazing. The squash/pumpkin adds such an interesting depth to the cheese flavor. Obviously you can use any cheese you want in it – we chose fontina because it melts so beautifully, and also because it’s a milder taste – I think a really sharp cheddar might fight with the flavor of the gourd you’re using. I sprinkled a little cheddar and parmesan on top with some breadcrumbs when we tossed it in the oven, though.

Of course it helps that the only dijon mustard we have in the house is infused with black truffles (from the JDY Gourmet sale!) Even just two teaspoons of it accent the whole dish so well. Such a little bit of truffle goes such a long way!