Ok! Sorry for that delay. I managed to wrap up a number of projects and my schedule should be back to normal (for the moment). So let’s get back to San Francisco! The Tosca Cafe in North Beach has beautiful vintage red booths and barstools, very well-dressed waiters, high ceilings and a jukebox full of opera music. It’s a lovely, classy, swanky but comfortable bar with some delightful old school charm. More to the point, they have a “house cappuccino”, which is made with Ghiradelli chocolate, steamed milk, and spiked with brandy, and it’s just wonderful, especially on a chilly San Francisco evening.

Hey everyone on the eastern seaboard! We’re thinking of you. Hope your pantries are stocked and your trees all stay put. Hang in there! This storm system is so massive that even Chicago’s getting warnings of 22 foot waves – on Lake Michigan. Crazy!